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Groomers' Credentials
David Walter, world-renowned groomer and owner of Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming, trained at the New York School of Dog Grooming in Manhattan. His book Dog Grooming and Pet Care: Doing It With Style, emphasizes the importance of grooming safety and skillful techniques. This book was featured in the nationally published Globe magazine with a half-page story.

He has also been featured in other publications and has appeared on television. He is currently writing a business manual and four DVDs for professional groomers. The manual is due to be released in 2015, and the CDs for the trade are awaiting production.

His assistant groomer, Beverly, trained in Georgetown, Washington, DC. She perfected her grooming skills with David, and has worked with him for over 20 years. She is well-known and respected, with an outstanding reputation throughout the region for quality work.

They are widely known and recommended by many veterinarians throughout Maryland, who give unbiased recommendations without reciprocal agreements.

Matted, Nervous and Problem Specialist
A significant number of customers for years have been traveling great distances (even from out of state). A veterinarian referred to us a customer who had a Lhaso Apso that had not had a haircut for 7 years and was so encased with matted hair from head to toe that it looked like a mummy. We provided a safe and successful grooming.

There was also a woman who worked in a veterinarian office and rescued an injured poodle mix breed. The dog had an operation on its leg and it was put into a cast. We clipped and bathed the entire animal without getting water into the cast. The owner and veterinarian were astounded.

In another case, we have been grooming a highly aggressive Bishon for years. The owner said we were the only ones who could handle him. The Bishon has sustained a back injury and can no longer use his back legs. The first time after the injury, he arrived in a carrying device because the dog would bite the owner when she tried to move him. The dog was matted and saturated in dried urine. We skillfully moved him as we clipped and bathed him without injury to us or the animal.

Some people feel we are their only hope. Some animals are so old, with rippled skin, matted fur, and little or no balance. We have to be careful with everything we do to provide safe grooming, especially for the most vulnerable animals.

One customer attended grooming school, but gave up the goal of grooming as a career. Both before and after her grooming training, she traveled to and from our shop in a cab for years until the dog died from old age, despite the fact that she lived only 2 blocks away from another grooming shop and could have easily walked there.

We have also groomed numerous animals for former groomers or from shops who could not provide the specific grooming service needed.

What We Offer
At Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming, we accommodate customers who need to stay with their pets. We offer advice on the basics of proper brushing and bathing. Beverly and I, because of our skill and experience, can offer the top-quality procedures described below.

A complete grooming for each small to medium sized animal takes approximately 2 hours. However, this may not include extensive drying time. When planned for, we can completely groom and bathe pets within a few hours of arrival. Be aware, however, we cannot groom all animals at the same time if they all arrive at once.

We groom by the traditional old school methods. We blow-dry soft coats by hand for extra beauty and comb and hand-scissor the fur many times for a smooth, even finish. We prefer not to take shortcuts and provide 2 to 4 times more labor per animal than many other shops.

We use a generous amount of shampoo in combination with a stimulating massage and, when needed, allow pets with parasites or skin disorders to soak in specialized shampoos for maximum benefits. We prefer to hand wash rather than use a power wash bathing system.

We vacuum clipped pet hair often to prevent parasite transmission to other pets. In addition, for parasite-infested animals, special procedures are enforced. We exterminate the area thoroughly during and after grooming and quickly contain and dispose of all contaminated hair.

Because of our skill, experience, and use of unbroken clipper blades, we rarely nick an animal. We change clippers every 2 minutes to prevent clipper burns and have an ample stock of clipper blades to further ensure safety. We don't skimp on grooming equipment when your animal's welfare is concerned.

Handling nervous animals is one of our specialties. At Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming, we are rarely bitten because of our many years of experience. Our customers feel confident that their pets are in the safest hands.

Although we request prior notice, we try to accommodate spontaneous requests for grooming. However, we appreciate customers who schedule grooming in advance. Regular customers may receive discounted prices.

Some customers and groomers claim they can have a small dog clipped and bathed in 20 to 30 minutes in actual grooming time in other shops, even though the animal may stay at the grooming shop all day waiting its turn to be clipped and dried after the bath .  Furthermore, customers often have to compromise on the quality of grooming and service they receive.

In the 1980s we clipped and bathed most small animals for $20 to $35 each. Today no matter how small an animal is, we can no longer afford to charge those prices while providing two hours of labor. We need to earn a salary and pay our business expenses.  The business pays over $13,500 a year in health insurance premiums for only two single groomers (not family policies).This is the full price, not small contributions that many employees pay.

Today, a grooming and a bath for a small to medium dog can cost $55 (less if a bath is omitted). However, this price is only an estimate. Each animal is priced individually. If we need to take more time or if it requires more skill for an animal that is matted, old, difficult to handle, or requires special service, we can usually provide the actual charge on arrival.

Nevertheless, I do not think you will find a better value for the time we provide and our years of grooming experience.

The cost for nail clipping provided as a sole service is $7 for a straight blunt cut, $10 for cut and rounded, and $15 for cut, rounded and sanded. It can cost more money if 2 groomers are needed to control a difficult animal or if the nails are curled into the pad.

Bathing and nail clipping starts at $25 for small animals and $35 to $45 for large animals. Procedures may cost extra if 2 groomers are needed to control a difficult animal, if the animal requires extra combing or dematting, or if veterinarian-formulated shampoos are used.

If you are interested to know my response to any complaint, see my website at

At Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming we have groomed generations of family pets. There is a reason why customers travel many miles to us when other grooming shops are literally right around the corner from where they live.

The staff at Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming are seasoned and well-experienced groomers. We believe that we provide customers with the best overall service, personal attention, quality, and safety possible for the best prices and value.

Retail Items of Interest

Our shop includes several products we would like to bring your attention to. We have pet sweaters made with organic heavy grade wool with no harsh chemicals. These are hand knitted by descendants of the Inca Indians. We also offer pet shampoos that are sold to groomers as therapeutic. These shampoos have the same ingredients that are sold by veterinarians as prescription shampoos at a fraction of the cost. We sell animal-print tee shirts for people to wear, and we have collars and leashes made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee. This product line is made better than many imports sold at comparable prices in the pet superstores.  We also have special deals on pet carriers, cat litter boxes, cologne, gift items, toys etc. Also pet bowls, treats, bathing aprons and more are ½ price.

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