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Excerpts and Grooming Tips From Our Book
Dog Grooming & Pet Care: Doing It With Style was written by David Walter, the owner of the Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming shop. The following are excerpts from this book:

"Imagine a world in which people attend to their personal grooming only during the warm season, believing that in cold weather they may have a 'vacation' from trips to the barber or beauty shop and that they no longer need baths or shampoos! By spring, this would no longer be a world of beautiful people." - from "Cold Weather Grooming"

"Long nails interfere with the dog's natural stride and may cause unnecessary pressure on the delicate bones of the feet. These long nails may eventually cause foot spread, flattening of the foot, and/or crooked nail growth." - from "Nail Care"

"Parasite infestations can quickly reoccur unless treatment of both the animal and its quarters is undertaken SIMULTANEOUSLY. A thorough vacuuming or sweeping of the house and the pet's sleeping quarters is helpful to remove flea or tick eggs and larvae, as well as the lint, dust and debris that the flea larvae feed upon." - from "Parasites: House & Yard Treatment"

"The style your dog receives from a grooming shop will depend on the creativity of the dog groomer and his experience with different styles and textures." - from "Creative Styling"

Here are some issues that are addressed in the book:

  • Do you know all the ways to get rid of fleas and ticks?
  • What causes skin irritation from grooming?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of different hairstyles?
  • Understand what professional grooming is all about and how it affects your pet.
  • Learn how to handle uncooperative pets with easy methods, and how to give medication, clean ears and cut nails.
  • Read original and overlooked answers to many problems that were previously "lived with" or not recognized. 

Loads of information on many different topics, with over 100 pictures and cartoons, and 56 chapters for easy and enjoyable reading for everyone. Learn to prevent problems before they occur. This is valuable knowledge you'll retain through your lifetime. If you own a dog, you should own this book! It makes an excellent gift for yourself, for family members, or a friend. Buy your copy from us today!

We welcome new customers and their pets, as well as our regulars, to Lucky 3 Dog & Cat Grooming. When safety, experience, good service and quality grooming are your most important concerns, call us at 410-276-6666!

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